Arts for the Animals our twist on Bowling for Rhinos 

Held at Arts Alive on June 3rd and July 1st

This year we are doing a brand new fundraiser that we have never done before! This will be a twist on the classic Bowling for Rhinos fundraiser that numerous chapters of American Association of Zookeepers host each year! This year we are pleased  to inform you that we are doing Arts for the Animals! We have a wide variety of art from slap bracelets to a beautiful ceramics set! This will be done during our local Arts Alive events on TWO DAYS: June 3rd and July 1st. Come one and come all to enjoy an amazing fundraiser for conservation efforts that benefit rhinos, cheetahs and numerous other species! 

In the past we have held our annual Winos for Rhinos event, but we are delighted to share this new fundraiser style with you! This allows us to communicate with individuals more readily to answer any questions that you might have about these conservation efforts, and to put our artistic ability to use! All products are handmade by our local AAZK chapter. For more information, email us at [email protected] or on our Facebook page! 

Professional Development Grants! Apply ASAP for our June 10th Deadline!

Due to the amazing success of our Rummage Sale on April 29th, we are able to offer two grants this year for Professional Development! Conferences are an amazing environment to share and learn innovative and current information in one's field. These collaborative events are often inspiring for collaboration and adaptation. These grants are rarely offered at the AAZK chapter level, and we, as the Redwood Coast AAZK, are very proud to share not one, but two grant opportunity with our members. 

We're offering two Professional Development grants, one to attend the National AAZK conference for up to $750 and one to attend another conference related to wildlife, conservation, zoo/aquarium, animal care, or ecology for up to $500.

Applicants must be paid members to qualify. Grant applications are due by 8am on June 10th. No late applications will be reviewed.

We encourage everyone to apply!
Not a member? Message us on Facebook or email to learn how to join!

Current Events!

Rummage Success.

Rummage this year was a success! We were able to raise 1500 before expenses were deducted! This allows us to have two professional development grants this year. One for the annual Nation AAZK Conference of $750.00, and another for a conference in animal care, wildlife, ecology or relating in the keeper field up to $500.00.  

Monthly Chapter Meeting

Our monthly chapter meeting will be held on Wednesday May 3rd at 6:30pm at the Sequoia Park Zoo. You may enter through Gate C. We're meeting in the Flamingo Room - Everyone is welcome to attend! You don't have to be a member. This is an open group for the community to join, and we're always looking for conservation-minded people to join in the fun! 

We are a volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers from the Sequoia Park Zoo and interested community members who are dedicated to professional animal care and conservation. Read more about us here.

What is AAZK?

The American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is a nonprofit (U.S. 501c3) volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers and other interested persons dedicated to professional animal care and conservation. The mission of the AAZK is to advance excellence in the animal keeping profession, foster effective communication beneficial to animal care, support deserving conservation projects, and promote the preservation of our animal resources and animal life.

Sequoia Park Zoo

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Photo credit: Greg Nyquist