Cupcakes for Conservation 2017

Thank you for supporting our fifth annual Cupcakes for Conservation fundraiser! Our pre-order deadline has passed. We crafted some extra cupcakes, so you can come pick one up at the Sequoia Park Zoo on Valentine's Day from 10am-5pm. These extras will be first come-first served. Last year, we sold out in 30 minutes, so we recommend coming early.

Surprise your loved ones with a homemade cupcake featuring hand-sculpted fondant delivered on Valentine's Day! 

Each organic, Texas-sized cupcake comes with a completely edible fondant animal, a card, and a keepsake photo. ALL proceeds from the sale go directly to a conservation organization (scroll down for details on each organization)! We have yellow, chocolate, and vegan chocolate cupcake options. We offer free delivery from McKinleyville to Fortuna on Tuesday, February 14th. Alternatively, you may pick up your order at the Sequoia Park Zoo ticket booth on February 14th between 10am and 5pm.

All proceeds from the purchase of this cupcake benefit the Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit ocean conservation organization whose goal is to restore coral reefs throughout the Florida Keys and Caribbean. The Coral Reef Foundation’s mission focuses on three main facets: direct reef restoration through coral nurseries, educating others, and research to better the techniques used to assist in the recovery of failing coral reef ecosystems. Through their work, Coral Restoration Foundation hopes to restore coral reefs and empower others to use their innovative techniques to better our oceans. Learn more at

All proceeds from the purchase of this cupcake benefit Proyecto Tití, a multi-disciplinary conservation program whose goal is to assist in the long-term preservation of critically endangered cotton-top tamarin monkeys in Colombia. Through research, education, and community programs, Proyecto Tití focuses on developing and implementing effective long-term conservation of natural habitats and resources. Proyecto Tití works to ensure the survival of not only cotton-top tamarins, but the native flora and fauna of Colombia.

Here is a look back at the organizations that we supported last year. The Andean Flamingos Conservation Group (GCFA) is a non-profit initiative of scientists and conservation specialists whose goal is to protect Andean and Chilean flamingos and their habitats. Through research, monitoring projects, and training and outreach to local communities, students, rangers, and professionals, they aim to promote the value of these important and charismatic species and work towards the conservation of these species and their habitats.

Learn more at

The Honeybee Conservancy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise awareness about the importance of bees and to inspire people and communities to act as stewards for bees and their natural environment. Through research, education, and outreach, they hope to end the decline of bee populations by finding a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder and to inspire individuals and groups to build “bee hive sanctuaries” for bees and other wildlife.

Learn more at